American Valuation Group, Inc. is the successor to Appraisal Affiliates, Inc., which was established in 1963 by John J. Kenney, MAI, SRPA. Since that time, the firm has performed appraisals on over 25,000 properties across the nation. John J. Kenney, MAI, SRPA, is currently a Senior Advisor and Consultant to the firm. Mark T. Kenney, MAI, SRPA, is President and owner of the firm.

American Valuation Group, Inc. offers a complete range of appraisal services within the United States. Typical appraisals have been prepared to determine market value, probable sales price, liquidation value and insurable value. Assignment functions have been for acquisition, disposition, financing, federal estate and ad valorem taxation, marketability, financial feasibility, and highest and best use. Property types appraised have included regional shopping malls, community shopping centers, strip shopping centers, department stores, freestanding retail stores, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, industrial warehouses, office buildings, mobile home parks and golf courses.

Creative solutions to real estate problems have aided corporations, institutions and professional firms in realizing the ultimate value from a variety of real estate transactions. The firm has the capability to provide prompt quality service and commitment through the computer technology utilized and the real estate experience compiled by the firm over the past 30 years.

John J. Kenney, MAI, SRPA and Mark T. Kenney, MAI, SRPA are members of the Appraisal Institute and have performed a variety of real estate appraisal services within the United States. Both have given expert testimony in various Federal Bankruptcy Courts and various assessment appeal boards. In addition, Mark T. Kenney, MAI, SRPA has lectured and published various articles in the appraisal and property tax fields.

American Valuation Group, Inc. attributes much of its success to performance, knowledge and professionalism over the past three decades. The firm has earned the respect of investors, developers, corporations, banking and legal institutions, accounting firms and real estate professionals. American Valuation Group, Inc. provides competent appraisal and property tax consulting through close working relationships with our clients.

Appraisal and consulting fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact mkenney@ameri-val.com or call 215-855-1800 for more information.